Gait analysis

What is the process of Gait Analysis?

Some examples of questions will include:

  • What level of a runner are you – Beginner/Intermediate or advanced?
  • What distance do you run per week?
  • What is your goal?
  • Do you suffer from any chronic injuries? Shin splints? Plantar fasciitis? Etc.
  • What surface are you running on – Road, treadmill, trail?
  • Do you currently wear orthotics or insoles?
  • What type of shoe you are currently wearing when running?

If you use any running/exercise wearable technology we may analyse the data that this has recorded to gain a better understanding of your gait and how you normally walk or run.

We will then perform a full physical assessment including the range of motion in your joints, flexibility both specific and general and muscle strength/balance.

You will then be asked to step on a treadmill. You will be asked to walk on the treadmill and the speed will be increased slightly depending on your capability. The assessment will last a short time and will remain within your comfort levels. We will video you running from behind and the side (unless you would prefer not to be recorded).

After this, we will sit down and analyse your gait in slow motion and point out any faults or abnormalities that can be seen on the video. We will explain these faults or abnormalities in simple terms and do our best to improve your understanding of why these may lead to injury or affect your efficiency while walking or running.

The entire process should take between 50 minutes and 1 hour.

At Tyrrell Physiotherapy, Swords, Gait Analysis & Running Analysis are offered by our chartered specialist Gerard Tyrrell MISCP.

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