Wet foot test & pronation results for gait analysis

Wet Foot Test For Pronation

A simple way to determine your pronation type

The “Wet Foot Test” can give you a rough estimate of your pronation type. This is handy if you’re concerned about your foot type or that your gait may have changed since your last assessment, but it is worth noting that it should only serve as a guide. For a full gait analysis give us a call at Tyrrell Physiotherapy and book in for a gait analysis.


Simply wet the sole of your foot, walk across a piece of heavy-duty paper – or a dark tile or paving slab – and examine the footprint you leave behind.

The degree to which the sole of your foot is visible in the footprint will give you an indication of your arch type – and the kind of shoe you might need.

High Arch FootArch type: Higharch
Indicates: Possible supination
Normal Arch FootArch type: Normal

Indicates: A neutral gait
Low Arch Foot

Arch type: Low arch
Indicates: Overpronation

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