sports injury Sporting activities make specific demands on the body, and regardless of the level of preparation or participation, these demands make the athlete susceptible to injury. You’re also at risk of injury due to other contributing factors such as poor playing surfaces, or inappropriate footwear, clothing and equipment. Whether at elite or recreational level, here at Tyrrell Physiotherapy we have specialist knowledge of sports injuries, ensuring effective management of your injury and the earliest return to full sporting participation – while minimising the risk of the injury recurring. Many sports injuries are caused by trauma, overuse or biomechanical faults.
Where appropriate your treatment at Tyrrell Physiotherapy, Swords, Co. Dublin will consist of:

  • Therapeutic exercise – stretching, strengthening, correction of muscle imbalance, postural correction and hydrotherapy.
  • Manual techniques – massage, frictions, joint mobilisation and manipulation.
  • Taping, bandaging and advice on suitable supports.
  • Advice regarding the use of Heat and Ice at home
  • Heat – to ease stiffness in muscles and joints.
  • Electrotherapy – ultrasound, interferential, laser and shortwave all help to speed up the rate of recovery of injured tissues. Electrical stimulation of weak muscles may also be necessary.
  • Biomechanical assessment and prescription of orthotics (customised insoles).
  • A personalised home exercise programme addressing all aspects of your injury to reduce pain, accelerate recovery and prevent further/future injury.
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