Occupational injuries cover a broad spectrum of conditions ranging from falling or trauma at one end of the scale to repetitive strain injuries from repeated overuse at the other. When injuries at work occur as a result of the trauma they are managed the same way as any other traumatic cases – on the basis of the tissue damaged and the functional limitations that have occurred. There may well be associated health and safety issues but these are generally outside the direct influence of physiotherapy – although our advice is often sought.

Physiotherapy treatment involves identifying and treating the painful structures caused by occupational injury as the first priority and then addressing the causative factors. The causative factors may be combinations of intrinsic mechanisms ( the mechanics of the body) or extrinsic factors (work station, tools, position, time, breaks etc). All of these elements will be assessed and treated by your physiotherapist at Tyrrell Physiotherapy, Swords, Co. Dublin.

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