fitness programmesWhether you’re looking to increase your fitness or get back into exercise after time off or injury, an exercise and rehabilitation session with a physio will get you off to a good start. Our physiotherapists can design fitness programs to cater to your every need including weight loss, injury rehabilitation, fitness, and endurance training as well as strength and toning. Your physio knows your body and has the scientific and clinical knowledge to ensure your workout is both safe and caters to your abilities and previous injury history. Benefits of seeing a physio at Tyrrell Physiotherapy, Swords, Co. Dublin for exercise and rehabilitation include:

  • Work with you to set realistic and measurable goals;
  • Tailor a fitness program that is specific to you with review and modification milestones;
  • Conduct fitness tests;
  • Provide you with a diary to complete your activity;
  • Provide advice regarding nutrition, rest patterns and activity balance
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