The new protocol for visiting the clinic

New protocol for visiting the clinic We will be reopening the clinic next week on Monday the 24th of May. We will be working exclusively from our clinical room downstairs in the main shopping mal area in Boroimhe shopping Centre. Due to the current Covid crisis we will be making...

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back pain from working from home

Are you working from home?

Here are some tips for preventing back pain while doing so. 1. Avoid sitting on the couch or bed whilst working on your laptop. 2. Make sure you stand up and move regularly. 3. Make sure you sit up correctly in your office chair. A simple way to encourage this...

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Gait Analysis

Common misconceptions about Gait & Running Analysis

The more expensive the shoe the better – The most expensive pair isn’t necessarily the right pair for you, so don’t be tempted into thinking that a higher price always equals a better shoe. Sometimes the most inexpensive shoe can be ideal for your gait or foot type. In addition, if you...

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Wet foot test & pronation results for gait analysis

Wet Foot Test For Pronation

A simple way to determine your pronation type The “Wet Foot Test” can give you a rough estimate of your pronation type. This is handy if you’re concerned about your foot type or that your gait may have changed since your last assessment, but it is worth noting that it should...

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Gait analysis

What is the process of Gait Analysis?

The process of Gait Analysis is quite simple and straight forward. It is carried out by a trained member of our team. It starts off with an initial consultation where we will ask you some questions about your activity levels, usual walking or running intensity, any current problems you may...

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Running Analysis

An Overview of Gait Analysis

The term “gait” refers to the way that the human body moves from one point to another, such as walking or running.  Gait analysis is a study of how an individual performs that movement.  It is used to detect abnormalities that can cause pain/injury or to fit a person for...

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